Dubai imposes a tariff on single-use plastic. How Dubai decrease Plastic Usage. Is Dubai supporting sustainability goals to fight climate change?

Dubai has taken a progressive move towards sustainability that will see a 25fils tariff on single-use plastic shopping bags from July followed by a complete ban within two years in Dubai. 25 fils mean 0.25 AED or 0.07 USD according to the daily exchange rates today. 100 fils equal to 1 AED. Fils mean cents from the UAE perspective.

UAE introduce free bus rides for empty plastic bottles to regulate the recycling process. Click here to read.

All major retailers promised to ensure the fullest cooperation to succeed in two years plan. This tariff will apply to not just groceries but also to restaurants and even e-commerce.

We extracted this statement from Gulf News. They have talked with various retailers in Dubai to get their opinion about this.

Naresh Kumar Bhawnani, founder and chairman of West Zone Group, said the upcoming tariff will go a long way in saving the environment. “It will help reduce plastic consumption by 25 per cent. However, there is another side to this: Going by the demographics of the population that lives in the UAE, many people are bachelors. They will [initially] not be able to manage with a [reusable] carry bag… But I think it is all about a mindset change and after a while, we will see everyone coming in with their own carry bags.”

Gulf News

We reported the huge upcoming disaster which was created by Oceanic Plastic pollution.

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